Digital and physical 3d making services for science, culture, education, ecology, design, art & research

I have collaborated with Steven Dey from ThinkSee3D. He made some amazing 3D replicas of artefacts we have on display at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. I am impressed by Steven’s dedication to the project. It is not easy to find people in industry who are willing to “adopt” an archaeology and heritage project and be so passionate about it. Steven is one of those rare people, and will work extra hours for the best result. I highly recommend him and his company to any museum and heritage specialist who need 3D prints for their projects.

Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge

Innovative 3d printing, 3d research, 3d public engagement and general digital 3d services for public engagement, product design, archaeology, ecology, education, natural history, palaeontology, health care and museums.  Services include:

- Object, model and specimen creation/replication service using a variety of methods including full colour photo-textured 3d printing in gypsum/acrylic to simulate and replicate bone, ceramic, aged-metal and stone.

- Precision acrylic 3d printing for model making or prototyping.

- 3d scanning using photogrammetry, structured light scanning for natural and cultural heritage projects.

- 3d print to mould to cast services for wider material choices or replicas for museum retail.

- Digital modelling and sculpting to design new objects or repair digital models.

- 3d model generation from CT cross-sections for natural and cultural heritage projects.

- Design and build public engagement pieces incorporating electronics and programmable devices.

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