Professional digital and physical 3D making services for heritage, education, science, art and research

I have collaborated with ThinkSee3D. They made some amazing 3D replicas of artefacts we have on display at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge.

Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco
University of Cambridge

A team of dedicated makers, creating and exploring the boundaries between digital and physical model making, using modern and traditional methods to create engaging digital and physical objects. 

PHOTOGRAMMETRY - expert in precision natural history and artefact 3d scanning using photogrammetry. We have a portable 3d camera rig for precision scanning in-situ in museums. We can also process client photos into the best possible models.

COLOUR 3D REPLICAS - makers of high quality, colour 3d models and facsimiles produced using 3d digital methods including colour 3d printing and traditional methods. Pieces for permanent and temporary exhibitions, tactile experiences, object repatriations, gifts and for research purposes.

PRECISION 3D PRINTING - for high detail models, prototyping and creating masters for casting processes.

LOW VOLUME, HIGH QUALITY RETAIL PRODUCTION - using a 3d digital to 3d print to mould to cast process developed by the company.  This allows for a wide variety of object material choices and is used to create museum relevant retail objects.

DIGITAL 3D MODELLING & DESIGN - modelling and sculpting to design new 3d objects or to repair digital models from scans or to recreate lost objects from drawings or photos.  

CT SCAN to 3D MODELS - process cross-sections from CT scans into 3d models that can be 3d printed. (non-clinical only)

3D ENGAGEMENT EXHIBITS - using many of the above services and also augmented reality (AR) application production and maker electronics

3D RESEARCH - regular contributors to research papers on digital heritage or providers of 3d content to other researchers.

SCULPTURE REPLICATION - digital and physical replication of 3D art from 3D scans.  3D artists can create limited edition copies of their 3D art.

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