Heritage 3D Printing & 3D Services

I have collaborated with Steven Dey from ThinkSee3D for my EU funded project DIGIFACT. He made some amazing 3D replicas of artefacts we have on display at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge. I am impressed by Steven’s dedication to the project. It is not easy to find people in industry who are willing to “adopt” an archaeology and heritage project and be so passionate about it. Steven is one of those rare people, and will work extra hours for the best result. I highly recommend him and his company to any museum and heritage specialist who need 3D prints for their projects.

Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge

Our expertise is in innovative 3d printing and digital 3d methods which we have applied to a diverse range of projects primarily for the heritage sector and for university research teams in archaeology, ecology, education, natural history, palaeontology and health care.  We do some innovative commercial work too usually for start-up companies needing prototypes.

Our 3d scanning services include photogrammetry (3d modelling from 2d photos), structured light scanning and 3d models from CT scans (increasingly used in cultural and natural heritage).

We provide professional 3d printing services including full colour photo-textured 3d prints in a gypsum/acrylic material.  Photo-texturing preserves much of the original surface details and decoration.   We have developed our own 3d printing post-processes and surface treatments to simulate and replicate bone, ceramic, aged-metal and stone.  

We are proud to contribute to original 3d research collaborating with world-class universities and museums where we have contributed original material to innovative research papers.  

We undertake some commercial work for product designers, architects, architectural restoration companies and engineers.

 We can make original digital 3d things too.  We are experts in digital modelling and sculpting allowing us to design new objects, clean noisy scan data or digitally restore broken works prior to 3d printing replicas.  

We are even able to animate digital models to demonstrate moving parts and we are developing our services to include virtual reality applications and interactive exhibits utilising electronic elements.

We are available for conference speaking and education events. 

Please contact us for further information.